Getting Started

It’s so nice to meet you! Thank you for welcoming us into your home. We would like to take this opportunity to share some information with you. We realize this may be your first experience with a cleaning company so we hope this information is helpful. We certainly appreciate your business, and we want to ensure that you are receiving exceptional service in all of our interactions. If there is anything you think we can do to provide our services more effectively, please let us know.

Please download our client profile sheet (PDF, 233.24 KB), print it out, fill it in, and provide it to us to begin the cleaning process.

How to Prepare

It is greatly appreciated if items are picked up off of the floor, dressers, and counters before we arrive. This allows the cleaning staff to be more efficient. If there is excess clutter, we will need to charge accordingly to accommodate for extra time. If for some reason you do not want a particular room cleaned, please leave a note, and we will honor your request. We also do not do dishes or laundry. For general cleaning, employees will not climb higher than a step stool, work outside of your home, move furniture that contains electronics, lift any objects over 20 lbs., prepare meals, or provide pet or child-related services. During the winter months, we do ask that sidewalks, steps, and driveways are cleared of snow so our staff is able to gain access to your home.

Refer a Friend

We are grateful for our amazing clients who refer other amazing clients. As a thank you we will provide you with our “Refer a Friend” card. When you refer a friend you will receive $25 off of your next cleaning, and they will receive $25 off of their 3rd regular cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a term agreement?

No. We do not have a contract. You may cancel your services at any time. Perfectly Clean also reserves the right to cancel your service at any time.

What if I live outside of the FM area?

We are pleased to provide services outside of the FM area. The following mileage fees apply: $0.50/mile outside of a 15-mile radius of the Fargo–Moorhead area.

How do we gain entry into the home?

We do prefer a garage code or a key to get into the home, but other methods of entry can be agreed upon. Our insurance policy covers any lost keys. (lock out fee notes)

How do I know I can trust the people you send to my home?

We understand that this is the biggest concern when hiring a company. We take pride in our great reputation because of our trustworthy team, and we are very selective about who we hire. Candidates undergo a screening process which includes a thorough criminal background check. Our employees are also given detailed training to meet demanding quality standards. Trust is vital to our business. We take pride in who we hire and in earning your trust and the trust of our clients over the past years of our company’s success.

What if I have a pet?

We would like to know if you have pets and get their names for reference. If any pet is aggressive, we ask that you secure them while we are cleaning your home. If they are friendly, we will gladly clean around them.

How do I make a special request?

Please contact us 24 hours prior to your scheduled cleaning for any special requests via Facebook, calling/texting, or email. Special requests include refrigerator cleaning, windows, extras rooms that are not cleaned regularly, etc. This allows us to schedule the time needed to complete these tasks. Extra charges will apply for additional tasks.

What if I am not satisfied with the service?

We appreciate feedback. Please inform the office within 24 hours, and arrangements will be made to correct the issue at no additional charge.

What if something in my house gets damaged?

We are licensed and insured. While we make every effort not to break or damage items, accidents do happen. Our employees are instructed to notify the office if anything is damaged, and to notify you of the incident. We will repair, replace, or offer a monetary settlement for damaged items. To prevent accidents, please inform us of any items in your home that are improperly installed, such as blinds, curtain rods, or shelving.

What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?

We do not provide service on New Year’s day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day. We will contact you in advance to schedule your cleaning if it falls on a holiday. During the holiday season our schedule is very full. You may want to contact our office 6–8 weeks ahead of time to reschedule or schedule extra cleaning.

Should I tip my housekeeper?

Although tips are never expected, they are appreciated and show great appreciation to the team. Tips will be divided equally between the team that cleaned your home.

How do I pay?

We do not bill for services provided. Payment info is expected prior to the time of cleaning. We accept cards or ACH payments.

What should I do if I need to cancel/reschedule my cleaning or have special requests?

We understand that schedules change. Please contact us no later than noon on the day before your scheduled cleaning to cancel or reschedule. Cancellations later then noon are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. We want to be fair to our team by providing a full schedule and to the clients on our waiting list. If someone in your home is sick or contagious, please let our office know, and we will be happy to reschedule your cleaning. If you have special requests (e.g. an extra room to clean, additional tasks, notes regarding the next cleaning, etc.) please notify the office by noon the day prior so we can accommodate accordingly.

Can I leave notes for the team?

After we complete each cleaning, we will leave a copy of our form with tasks completed initialed by each team member. This sheet shows the date of your next cleaning. It also gives you the opportunity to leave notes for the next cleaning.